From the President
Joyce Szulc

When I was considering what I should write for this issue, I thought about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. What could we possibly be thankful for? This has been a year that most of us would like to forget. Just about every aspect of our lives has been impacted in some way. I ran across an article by Gordon Asmundson, who is a clinical psychologist and a professor at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. He acknowledged the pain of experiencing the virus yourself or watching someone you love suffer or the inability to get together with others. However, he believes in silver linings.


According to Asmundson, this is an opportunity to take stock of where we are and all the things we still have. Many people have experienced positive change: “The most common types of positive change were stronger appreciation for family and friends; better appreciation for the value of one’s own life; better appreciating each day or living in the moment; increased knowledge that one is able to face challenges; and more compassion for others.”


Each of us handles the stress of COVID differently. “We tend to think about the worst-case scenario,” he says, “and we tend to either overlook or dismiss those positive things.” He suggests making a list of positives to find alternative thoughts to the negative ones that creep up.


While we are temporarily not able to see each other in person like we once did, now is the time to phone (or FaceTime) that Vagabond friend you may have not seen in a while. Look for those little things that you can be thankful for and appreciate. Happy Thanksgiving!





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Jan Breitbach

Jan If you need to renew your membership. You may renew online or use the form to renew by mail.


If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer, contact Jan at jan. or (414) 732-9749.


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From the vice president

Linda Horn

how to use zoom
The use of Zoom video and phone conferencing is skyrocketing as families, friends and businesses rely on it more to safely communicate and stay in touch with others. The club is using Zoom for board meetings, committee meetings, and general meetings, too. Below are instructions for using Zoom. Give it a try. It really is fun!


To join a meeting using your computer, tablet or smart phone
• If you haven’t done so already, place the Zoom app on your device.
• Using a computer, go to and download Zoom Meetings.
       • Follow the instructions and Allow Zoom to run on your computer
• Using a smart phone or tablet, go to the apple store or google play and download the Zoom meetings app.
• When it is time for the meeting, open the email you were sent a day or two prior to the meeting:

     • Using a computer

      • Click the link to the meeting
      • Click Open Zoom Meeting.
• Using a smart phone or tablet
      • Open the Zoom app
      • Click Join Meeting


Or, if you don’t have the email or the link …


• When it is time for the meeting
     • Click or tap the Zoom app.

     • Fill in the Meeting ID: 837 335 6215 and Password: 8242 2663.


- or -


• Dial In using any cell phone or land line

Dial (312) 626-6799 Meeting ID: 837 3356 215 Password: 8242 2663


Please contact Linda Horn at (262) 707-1450 if you need help. She will help you download the app and set up a practice meeting if you would like so all the kinks are worked out before the real meeting.