From the President
Joyce Szulc

I do not think that any of us will ever forget the Year 2020: coronavirus, civil unrest, a combative political climate, all levels of sports and group activities disrupted, wildfires, hurricanes, murder hornets and more. It was supposed to be a great year for Milwaukee: The Democratic Convention was expected to bring millions of dollars to the area; the Bucks were doing well; and there were high hopes for the Brewers, too.


Geez … what happened?


I wish I had a simple answer for you.


Fortunately, as I mentioned at the December Zoom meeting, there seems to be some good news on the horizon, with vaccinations becoming available. However, there are probably more months of restrictions before activities return to “normal.” For example, those of us going on ski trips expect almost everything to be different – from the airport to the lift lines.


What have we learned from all this? I believe we have learned that we can adapt to just about anything! That is how human nature works, I suppose. Who would have thought that Zoom meetings would be the norm, or physical distancing, or face coverings?


When we finally exit all this, we should have a better appreciation for our friends and families and for the simple, daily routines of our lives. My sincere wishes to each of you for a safe and healthy 2021.


Happy New Year!



Payment Options for all events (unless otherwise noted):
1. Online Registration with Credit Card payment
2. In person with completed Event Coupon and credit card or check
3. By mail, send completed Event Coupon with check to Event Leader


Board of Directors

  • Officers:
  • President Joyce Szulc
  • Vice President Linda Horn
  • Treasurer Les Radtke
  • Secretary Ann Jankowski


  • Board Members:
  • Finance& Bylaws Sue Cummings
  • Meetings Director Tom Wendt
  • Membership Jan Breitbach
  • Public Relations Ron Sonntag
  • Ski Activities Joyce Szulc
  • Social Activities Cindy Hummer
  • Sporting Activities Mary Beth Braun
  • Tennis/Pickleball Dee Hollstein-Pizur
2021 Vagabond Directory
Jan Breitbach




If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer, contact Jan at jan. or (414) 732-9749.






From the vice president

Linda Horn

Tech Tip
Add an APP to access the Vag website from your smartphone or tablet

Previous Tech Tips explained how to add the Wild Apricot app to your smartphone or tablet. I hope you did, so that you can take advantage of accessing the Members Only section. This is where you can view the member directory, view/update your profile and access many other features with just a few taps on the screen.


You also can create an app for the Vagabond main website at A single tap of the icon will display the main web page. Tap the tabs going across the top to see full-color pages about sports activities including skiing, walks, hikes, tennis/pickleball, Social Activities and more. You can access the Members Only website, like you would from a computer, view the current issue of the Vagabond Life, and the photo library which is updated frequently with pictures from recent club activities.


Instructions for an iPhone or iPad:
• Using the browser on your smartphone, go to the Vagabond website by entering
• In the shaded line at the top, find the box with an upward- pointing arrow and tap it.
• Scroll down until you see the icon that says “Add to Home Screen” and tap it.
• Touch the word “ADD” on the top right (usually in blue)
• Look at your home page and tap your new Vagabond app to go directly to the Vagabond website.


Instructions for an Android phone or tablet:
• Using the browser on your smartphone, go to the Vagabond website by entering
• At the top right hand side of the screen, find the three vertical dots and tap there.
• On the dropdown menu, tap “Add to Home Screen.”
• Look on your home screen to find your new Vagabond app and tap it to go directly to the website


If you need help, contact Linda Horn at (262) 707-1450.


P.S. You may have already guessed that you can add an app for any website using these instructions.


Do you have the Wild Apricot app on your smart phone?
The Wild Apricot App gives you access to several terrific features, and one of the best is access to the Vagabond Member Directory using your smart phone.


To add the App to your phone:
• Go to the app store you use (Apple app store, google play, etc.) Search for “Wild Apricot – Member” and download it.
• Open the Wild Apricot app and log in to Wild Apricot using the email and password you established previously.
• If you have not yet established a password, you will need to do so using a different device OR,
• Call Linda Horn at 262-707-1450 for assistance.


phoneOnce you have the app on your phone and you have logged in, click “remember me” so that you do not need to enter your password each time you want to use the app.


To access the online directory:
• Look at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see four icons:
• Tap “Members” to see the member directory. Tap the magnifying glass to search for a specific member.
• Type in a few characters of the last name, or
• Type in a few characters of the first name
• Then tap Search, or Go or Enter (it varies with the type of phone being used.)
• Tap the name of the person you are looking for to see their public profile page, including their phone number, email address, etc.


Other features available with the App:
• Tap “Event List” to view events open for registration. Tap a specific event to register for it.
• Tap “My Tickets” to view a list of events you have registered for.
• Tap “Profile” to view your profile and make changes as necessary.


Please don’t hesitate to call Linda Horn for assistance at (262) 707-1450.



how to use zoom
The use of Zoom video and phone conferencing is skyrocketing as families, friends and businesses rely on it more to safely communicate and stay in touch with others. The club is using Zoom for board meetings, committee meetings, and general meetings, too. Below are instructions for using Zoom. Give it a try. It really is fun!


To join a meeting using your computer, tablet or smart phone
• If you haven’t done so already, place the Zoom app on your device.
• Using a computer, go to and download Zoom Meetings.
       • Follow the instructions and Allow Zoom to run on your computer
• Using a smart phone or tablet, go to the apple store or google play and download the Zoom meetings app.
• When it is time for the meeting, open the email you were sent a day or two prior to the meeting:

     • Using a computer

      • Click the link to the meeting
      • Click Open Zoom Meeting.
• Using a smart phone or tablet
      • Open the Zoom app
      • Click Join Meeting


Or, if you don’t have the email or the link …


• When it is time for the meeting
     • Click or tap the Zoom app.

     • Fill in the Meeting ID: 837 335 6215 and Password: 8242 2663.


- or -


• Dial In using any cell phone or land line

Dial (312) 626-6799 Meeting ID: 837 3356 215 Password: 8242 2663


Please contact Linda Horn at (262) 707-1450 if you need help. She will help you download the app and set up a practice meeting if you would like so all the kinks are worked out before the real meeting.