Linda Horn
Know how you can have access to the Vagabond online directory, register for events, pay for events, see what events you are registered for, and update your profile wherever you go? Without a computer? You can do all of this wherever you go when you add the FREE Wild Apricot app to your smart phone. Please see the following page for more details.



The September round table will be all about using our online system. Everyone should come whether you frequently use online registration, use it occasionally, or are brand new to our current system. I will be providing an overview of online registration, show “how to” solutions for our most frequently asked questions, and explain how you can use your smart phone to access the Vagabond Online Directory, register for events, and much more. Questions are welcome, too.



After the round table, volunteers will be available to set up an online account for you and add the Wild Apricot app to your smart phone.


Linda Horn

Board of Directors

  • Officers:
  • President  Linda Horn
  • Vice President  Pam Cole
  • Treasurer  Les Radtke
  • Secretary  Ann Jankowski


  • Board Members:
  • Public Relations  Ron Sonntag
  • Membership  Jan Breitbach
  • Meetings  Greg Larson
  • Sporting Activities  John Podsedly
  • Tennis/Pickleball  Jennie Aiello
  • Finance & Bylaws  Sue Cummings
  • Ski Activities  Joyce Szulc
  • Social Activities  Cindy Hummer




No matter where you go, you can register and pay for events, view a list of events you have registered for, access the online directory, view and edit your profile page and much more using your smart phone. You must have logged in to the online system and established a password prior to using the smart phone app. To add the app to your phone:


• Go to the app store you use (Apple app store, google play, etc.)

Search for “Wild Apricot – Member” and download it.

• Open the Wild Apricot app and look at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see four icons:

• Tap “Members” to see the member directory. Tap the magnifying glass to search for a specific member.

• Tap “Event List” to view the events open for registration. Tap a specific event to register for it.

• Tap “My Tickets” to view a list of events you have registered for.

• Tap “Profile” to view or update your profile.



Jan Breitbach


Renewal Time is Here!

The easiest way to renew is on the Vagabond website. Simply follow the instructions in the email you will receive on or about August 1.


The membership application and renewal form is in this Life issue. Complete the form (be sure to sign and date), and send it, along with payment, to the address on the form.


ALL members must complete and submit a form, whether payment is due or not. If you attend the September meeting, you may submit your Membership Application and update your Membership Card at the same time.


If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer, contact me at 414-732-9749 or jan.breitbach@