Linda Horn
A Message from the President about COVID-19


Everyone is aware of the cautions and warnings issued by the CDC, the World Health Organization, and other medical professionals regarding the Coronavirus. In addition, the President issued a National Health Emergency, and Governor Tony Evers declared a State of Emergency in Wisconsin. The primary concern is that we do everything possible to contain and manage the spread of the disease so that it does not spread so rapidly that it overwhelms our medical facilities and medical professionals. The more we voluntarily follow the recommendations of our government and health officials, the sooner the virus will be contained, vaccines will be available, and we can return to normal. The situation changes day to day and sometimes hour to hour.  


.April 1 General Meeting Cancelled
Well before the current mandates limiting group gatherings to 10 or less, the Vagabond Board of Directors decided to cancel the April 1 General Meeting. It was announced in an email sent to all Vagabond members. The Board felt that the safety and peace of mind of our members is paramount.  


I have sent a series of 3 emails notifying members of Vagabond event cancellations. Any events taking place indoors with 10 or more participants are prohibited under current government mandates. In this issue of the Life newsletter we have attempted to remove events that have been cancelled. However, this being a printed document prepared well before distribution, changes may have occurred. If you have questions about an event, please contact the event leader.


.The good news is that summer is coming and many, many Vagabond activities are held outdoors where the social distancing recommendations can be followed, while still enjoying being with friends and getting some healthy exercise, too. So, look through this newsletter issue and register for these great summer events.


More good news is that the Sunday hikes will continue to take place. Exercise is an important part of maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. What better way to get some fresh air and exercise with Vagabond friends while still following recommended social distancing guidelines. See inside for more details about the weekly Sunday hikes.


As more information is available, we will keep you updated. Thanks to all of you for your understanding and for responsibly following social distancing guidelines. It is a help to all of us to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Much of this is inconvenient and disappointing, but we will get through it.


Thank you,
Linda Horn



registering and paying for events, trips and activities

Vagabonds now enjoy the added convenience of registering and paying for events, trips and activities online. It has become the preferred sign-up method with over 75% of our registrations being done through the online system.


While adding online efficiency and convenience, none of the prior registration methods were eliminated. In addition to registering online, members may still register for events at general meetings with an event coupon and check or credit card payment, or by completing an event coupon and mailing it along with a check to the event coordinator.


The Club’s policy governing registration priorities was expanded to accommodate the addition of online registration. It is carefully designed to be fair to members who use computers and/or smart phones and for those who do not. The policy states that the first day that an event opens, a percentage of the available spots is made available for online registration, and a percentage is made available for mailed registrations.


Online registrations are automatically date and time stamped in the order they are received. If the online registrations are filled, the wait list is activated. Members may place their names on the wait list, and if openings occur, spots are filled from the wait list.


Mailed registrations must be postmarked on the event’s opening day to be considered qualified as a first-day registration. If the qualified, mailed registrations received exceeds the spots available, the event leader will group all of the envelopes together and randomly draw until the places are filled. The remaining names will be placed on the wait list.


Combined Registrations
If the mailed registrations do not fill the places allotted on the opening day, the remaining spots will be made available to those who registered online on the opening day, taken from the wait list. Vice versa, if the online registrations are fewer than the percentage allotted and there is an excess of mailed registrations, the remaining positions will be made available to those who registered by mail and are postmarked on the opening day. I hope this helps clarify the Club’s current policy. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Linda Horn

Payment Options for all events (unless otherwise noted):
1. Online Registration with Credit Card payment
2. In person with completed Event Coupon and credit card or check
3. By mail, send completed Event Coupon with check to Event Leader



In just a couple of short months, it will be time to elect the 2020-21 Vagabond Board of Directors.


Overall, each member of the Board does their part to assure that the Club continues to run smoothly and efficiently. We share ideas, express our opinions, and support each other in our endeavors. A special camaraderie results. Each Board member brings something special with them. It is their unique talents, creativity, and present/past work experiences. Being on the Board is all about being part of a wonderful group of people focusing on ways to enhance our Club while having a lot of FUN, too.


We are seeking people for a couple of Board positions. If you’d like more information about the available positions, please reach out to me at 262-707-1450 or In anticipation of the approaching election, last month’s President’s Corner focused on the question, “What does the Vagabond board do?” Space in the Life newsletter is limited so the first article addressed the Activities Directors with a brief explanation of their very important role.


Descriptions of the functions performed by the remaining board members follows:


Finance and Bylaws Director – Supervises the annual elections and voting, coordinates ads in the Life newsletter and the Directory, recommends changes to Policies, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.


Membership Director – Processes new membership applications and renewals, maintains the membership database and the welcome table at the general meetings.


Meetings Director – Arranges meeting places, times, and entertainment, and oversees meeting set-ups, supplies, and payments.


Public Relations Director – Arranges Club publications, publicity, promotion, and external advertising; Supervises Club ambassadors with welcoming new members and guests; Oversees the publishing and distributing of the annual Directory and monthly Life Newsletter. The officers’ responsibilities relate closely to what is customary for those positions.


Vice President – Succeeds to the office of President, if necessary; oversees Non-ski international trips; coordinates the annual Recognition Dinner.


Secretary – Records the minutes of the Board and Membership meeting; maintains a calendar of Club events and activities; updates the calendar on the Club website.


Treasurer – Keeps current accounting records and makes disbursements approved by the Board; presents a monthly financial report at the Board meetings; prepares and files any and all required Club tax returns or forms.


President – Oversees the overall operation of the Club; presides at meetings of the Board and membership; is an ex-officio member of all committees.


Interested in learning more about the Board or about how everything works together to make the Club run? Reach out to me. My contact information is above.


Linda Horn

Board of Directors

  • Officers:
  • President  Linda Horn
  • Vice President  Pam Cole
  • Treasurer  Les Radtke
  • Secretary  Ann Jankowski


  • Board Members:
  • Public Relations  Ron Sonntag
  • Membership  Jan Breitbach
  • Meetings  Greg Larson
  • Sporting Activities  John Podsedly
  • Tennis/Pickleball  John Podsedly
  • Finance & Bylaws  Sue Cummings
  • Ski Activities  Joyce Szulc
  • Social Activities  Cindy Hummer



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If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer, contact me at 414-732-9749 or jan.breitbach@