Ron Sonntag

New Things Added to the Club to Make It Better

As the old saying goes, if one is not moving forward, one is either standing still or going backward. Well, it will be good for many of you to know that your Club is moving forward. For example, we have a brand new Vagabond website, thanks to the creative work of one of our members who is a website designer, Nick Pumilia, and the oversight and suggestions from our Director, Linda Horn, with help from other Board members, especially Joyce Szulc, for voting to allow it to happen.


You can also download the new Life newsletter each month at least a week or two before you’d get it in the mail; and you can also have it delivered directly to your email every month a week or two before everyone else gets it in the mail, so you can get a head start on upcoming events and activities and help the Club save about $20,000 a year that it otherwise has to pay to get the Life printed, addressed, posted, and mailed 12 times a year.


Another big advancement that happened at the July General Meeting was that our Club, for the first time in its history, has begun to take credit cards for events and activities. It was tested at that meeting on several upcoming events and an overwhelming number of people took advantage of the simple way now to sign up and pay for things quickly and easily. More of that will be coming, too, plus another big leap forward will soon happen when we can take credit cards on our website to sign up for events and activities. So nice not to have to write out a check, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and send it. A quick swipe at the meeting takes care of that, and it’s also being used now for memberships for new members and renewals.


There are many more things in the works, too, but know that your Board of Directors is busy working to make the Club greater and moving it forward. Also, how about thanking one or more of them sometime - it’s the only “pay” we get!


Your President, Ron

Board of Directors

  • Officers:
  • President  Ron Sonntag
  • Vice President  Pam Cole
  • Secretary  Ann Jankowski
  • Treasurer  Pat Walslager


  • Board Members:
  • Membership  Jan Breitbach
  • Finance & Bylaws  Sue Cummings
  • Meetings  Mike Paskov
  • Public Relations  Judy Daniel
  • Sporting Activities  Carol Gavigan
  • Tennis/Pickleball  Linda Horn
  • Ski Trips Director Joyce Szulc
  • Social Activities  Cindy Hummer

Judy Daniel


August Already!!

Hope you’re enjoying all our activities during these wonderful Summer months. Introduce your friends, family and acquaintances to the Vagabond Ski & Social Club. Invite them to join in our fun. Share the excitement. “Thank you” Ambassadors for all your efforts to grow our unique organization. You’re making a difference one person at a time.


HELP WANTED: A Volunteer who enjoys working with pictures and knows how (or is willing to learn how) to post photos on an image hosting website, such as Flickr. Then on the home page of our website, the “Photo Albums” option would be linked to the photo hosting site. Event leaders would send photos to the Volunteer to be posted on Flickr. Volunteer would keep pictures organized, such as Vagabond meetings and hikes together, and identify and date events that are pictured. Meeting photos would be provided by Jay Potter. If interested, please call me, Judy Daniel, at 414-281-7058.



Jan Breitbach

JanRenewal Time is Here!

The Membership Renewal/Application form is in this newsletter. Please complete the form (be sure to sign and date) and send with the payment to the address on the form. ALL members must complete and submit a form whether payment is due or not. If you attend the August or September meetings you may submit your Membership Renewal/Application, and pick up your new membership card at the same time. The final deadline to have your information in the new Directory is in October, so please renew as soon as possible.


Volunteers are needed to spend time at the Registration Renewal and Membership table at future meetings.

If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer, contact me at 414-732-9749 or