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sallyPayment Options for all events (unless otherwise noted):
1. Online Registration with Credit Card payment
2. In person with completed Event Coupon and credit card or check
3. By mail, send completed Event Coupon with check to Event Leader


Early Opening for European 2020 Ski Trip! Jan. 31 – Feb. 11
Price per person: $3395 (double occupancy)
Early Bird Discount: $3250 (if paid in full, one payment, before Sept. 1)

Due to early deposit and confirmation deadlines for both lodging and airlines, this trip is now open and will fill up fast! So sign up now to confirm your spot!




Event Coupon for Zermott/Barcelona Ski Trip >>



Event Coupons here pdf>>


Western Trip Dates
These two trips will open August 17. Watch the Life, the Vagabond website and the email Ski Notices for updates on these trips.

Sat.–Sat. January 11 –18  • Aspen/Snowmass, CO
Lodging at Top of the Village Condominiums


Sun.– Sun. March 1–8 • Steamboat Springs, CO
Lodging at Bronze Tree Condominiums

Watch upcoming issues of the Life, the Vagabond website and your email Ski Notices for more details on next year’s season.


2019 Post-Trip Ski Dinner and 2020 Ski Trip Sign-ups
Now that you know the dates and destinations for next year’s ski trips, I know that you cannot wait to sign up for one or more Vagabond ski trips. For those who attended one of our 2019 western ski trips or our Big Snow ski weekend, you will have the first opportunity to sign up at our post-trip dinner on August 17.

Email invitations will be sent later this summer. For any questions about the upcoming 2020 ski season, please feel free to call Joyce Szulc at 262-886-9328 or email at


Staying Fit for Skiing During the Offseason
For any avid skier, the primary benefit of staying fit during the offseason comes in being able to spend full days on the mountain as early in the season as possible. Here’s a suggestion of one way to stay in “ski” shape while waiting for the lifts to start operating again.

Skiing is the culmination of many different elements, including weather, equipment and, of course, physical ability. Powerful legs and a strong abdomen are key to putting in a full day on the slopes and wrapping up the day with essentially the same amount of energy as you had when it started.

Riding a bike during the offseason is an excellent way to keep these muscles toned, limber and strong. Fortunately, for Vagabond skiers, we offer a weekly bike ride to help you keep in shape during the summer months. Check out the weekly bike schedule and be sure to join in!


The Vagabond Ski & Social Club is associated with the following organizations which promote skiing and snowboarding:

* Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC),

* National Ski Council Federation,

* Milwaukee Metropolitan Ski Council (MMSC),

Visit their websites to learn more about these groups.