Zoom/Phone-in General Meeting
WEDNESDAY, november 4

6:45 pm Roundtable: Virtual Tour of Milwaukee Art Museum
7:15 pm General Meeting
Once again, to ensure the health and safety of our members, we are going to Zoom in your Living Room. You can join either with video or dial-in only.

Option 1

Zoom: Join the meeting via Zoom video using your compu t or smartphone. You can sign in on your tablet or smartphone app using the Meeting ID and Password listed below. Or click the email link sent the day before the meeting. Be sure to turn on the video portion so your Vagabond friends can see you!


New to Zoom? See “Tech Tip”


Option 2
Dial In: Call in to join the meeting by phone (land line or cell phone) and hear the latest updates about Vagabond events, activities and trips.
Call (312) 626-6799 … Meeting ID 837 3356 215 … Password 8242 2663


2021 Vagabond Directory
As announced at the October General Meeting, based on input from club members, we will once again include the mailing addresses of members in the upcoming issue of the directory. Last year, to help defray the costs of design, printing and postage, it was decided to eliminate mailing addresses and list only name, emails and phone numbers to shrink the size (and the cost) of the Directory.

Listing full address will increase the cost of production and postage. To help pay for these increased costs, we will charge $5 for a printed directory mailed to your home. You can place your directory order online and pay with your credit card, or mail the coupon below with your check to our Membership Director. Deadline for 2021 directory orders is Dec. 1. We anticipate mailing out the directory around Dec. 15.

If you do not wish to pay $5, remember that there is always an up-to-date directory at VagabondSkiClub.com or on your smartphone when you install the Wild Apricot app. In addition, we will post a PDF version of the printed directory on the Members Only portion of the Vagabond website. You can download and print the directory yourself.

If you do not wish to have your address listed in the directory, be sure to update your Vagabond profile to indicate that.


Mail this coupon with your check made payable to VSSC to:
Jan Breitbach, 7809 W Mt. Vernon Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53213 by Dec. 1.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip _________________________________________________________________________

Number of 2021 Vagabond Directories: ______________ x $5 each = $___________________(amount enclosed)


If your birthday is in november,
we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!