General Meeting
Zoom/Phone-in, Wednesday, march 3

Tom Wendt
6:45 pm Roundtable: Featuring Vagabond Dr. Bill Gaertner:
“Why and How to Lose the ‘COVID-15’ for a Fun Summer 2021”

7:15 pm General Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of just about everyone. Though most of this impact has been negative, Dr. Bill will use this Roundtable to lift your spirits with a little knowledge and will show you how, with some self-discipline, you can control the outcome.

The “COVID-15” is a term borrowed from the popular phrase referring to the 15 pounds many freshmen gain when they go off to college. This Roundtable will include basics on the how and why of weight management. Dr. Bill will emphasize ideas designed to increase your motivation and knowledge of what works when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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Why and How to Lose the ‘COVID-15’ for a Fun Summer 2021
Most of you need no introduction to Vagabond Bill Gaertner: family physician, triathlete, tennis player, downhill and cross- country skier and fiance of Vagabond Betty Riley, RN. “Dr. Bill” has presented a variety of Roundtables for us previously, covering health and wellness topics such as Metabolic Syndrome, Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease over the past several years.

Dr. Bill is still practicing medicine, now working one day a week with narcotic addicts, most of whom have mental health issues, including adult ADHD. Dr. Bill’s interest in weight management dates back to his 40-year career in family medicine. His lifelong passion for wellness and healthy lifestyles starts with nutritious eating and regular physical activity. He also incorporates many other new ideas and research into his practice.


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