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deePayment Options for All Events (unless otherwise noted):
1. Online Registration with Credit Card payment;
2. In person with completed Event Coupon and credit card or check;
3. By mail, send completed Event Coupon with check to Event Leader.


Pickleball Thursdays, 6–7:30pm pm
Banting Park, 2101 Butler Dr, Waukesha There is still time to join the Pickleball League as a substitute for a fee of $10.

Event coordinator: Jae Hartnell, JCHartnell24@, (608) 712-7440.



Open Tennis Saturdays, 9 am–noon
Elm Grove Village Park Meet and play tennis for no fee; just show up and try to get on a court with players of similar ability. And, since the Tennis League season ends Aug. 24, we will have Open Tennis on Monday nights at Elm Grove beginning Aug. 31. Call Ron Sonntag at (414) 788-4907.


Substitute players are still welcome to join the tennis league for a fee of $14. Event leaders are Cheryl Jaeger, (262) 510-9676, and Diana Schneider, (414) 491-2217.


Tennis League Mondays, July 6–Aug. 24, 6–7:30 pm
Vagabond 2020 Tennis locations
This year we will be playing at the following courts:

Elm Grove Tennis Courts (courts 1 – 4) are in the Village of Elm Grove Park located at the intersection of Juneau Avenue and Legion Drive. Address: 13600 W. Juneau Blvd., Elm Grove

Brookfield East High School Tennis Courts (courts 4-9). These courts are located on Lilly Road just north of Burleigh. Address: 3305 N. Lilly Road, Brookfield.

Brookfield Central High School Tennis Courts (courts 1-6). Address: 16900 W. Gebhardt Road, Brookfield.

Thank you, Cheryl Jaeger and Diana Schneider



Changing a Rating
Every effort has been made to arrange matches with players of similar abilities. However, if after playing for a couple of weeks, you feel that your abilities are less than or greater than those you are playing with, please let Linda Horn, Diana Schneider or Cheryl Jaeger know. Also, complete a self rating form. The form is on the Vagabond Ski and Social Club Website under the “Publications” tab.

Players who arrive late
If a scheduled player is less than 10 minutes late and someone fills in for them, the stand in is allowed to finish the game. If the scheduled player is more than 10 minutes late, they forfeit their right to play and the substitute should be allowed to finish the time slot. If both the scheduled player and the substitute agree, the substitute may step out. Please arrive at your court at least 5 minutes before your scheduled match.

Players who are “NO SHOWS”
Not showing up, not getting a substitute and not letting your group know that you won’t be playing makes it difficult for your fellow tennis players to have a good match. Every effort should be made to get a substitute from the sub list. If you get a substitute, please let your group know who is filling in for you. If you can’t get a substitute, let your group know so they can try and find someone to play for you.

Starting the Match
Prior to the match, the entire foursome should warm-up including practice services for a short period of time. Once the match begins, the server is not allowed to call “first in”. All practice serves should take place before the match begins.


Tennis Weather Guidelines

1. If it is raining steadily over the entire Metro area for an hour or longer, you do not have to show up at your assigned courts.

2. If there are scattered showers, it is important that you go to your assigned courts to see if it is raining there. If it is raining steadily and the courts are soaked, you may leave.

3. If it has stopped raining at your court, but the courts are wet and you have squeegees or mops and are willing to help dry off the courts, please do so. If it is breezy or sunny the courts may dry up and you may get to play for part of the time.

4. If it starts raining while you are playing, head to your cars and wait for 10 minutes to see if it’s just a brief shower. If the courts dry off you can resume play, if the courts are dry and safe and the second 45 minutes of tennis should be played.

5. Be safe in what you do. Do not play on wet courts if you are uncomfortable in doing so. If it is lightning with or without rain, clear the courts and go inside a building or your car until the lightning passes.


Unless there is a steady continuing rainfall over the area for at least an hour prior to and during your scheduled match, you should show up and plan on playing tennis.


Guidelines for playing tennis during COVID-19 Pandemic


Before You Come To The Courts
◆ Do Not Play If You Exhibit Any Symptoms Of The Coronavirus Or You Have Been In Contact With Someone With Covid-19 In The Last 14 Days.

◆ If You Are Unable To Play, Contact A Sub To Replace You.


What To Bring On The Courts
Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer, Towel, And Water Bottle With You.

◆ Use The Sanitzer Before And After Playing.

◆ Wipe Down Your Racquet And Water Bottle Before And After Playing.

◆ Bring An Ample Supply Of Water With You To Avoid Using A Water Fountain.

◆ Bring New Tennis Balls For Playing. Mark Your Balls In Case There Are Other Players With The Same Numbers.

◆ If You Desire, Bring Glove(s) and/or Sweat Headbands And Wristbands To Wear When Playing.


Maintaining Physical Distancing

◆ Maintain Physical Distancing When Playing. Stay 6 Feet Apart From Other Players When Changing Sides On The Court Or Taking A Break.

◆ Avoid Touching Your Face After Handling A Ball, Racquet Or Other Equipment.

◆ Use Your Racquet And Foot To Pick Up Balls.

◆ Do Not Shake Hands Or High Five After A Match. Instead Touch Your Racquet Head With Those Of The Other Players.

◆ Continue Maintaining Social Distancing With Your Fellow Players.



Where do I play?


•  Find your name on the list below and note the Location where you will be playing.

•  Next, use the Locations links below to find your group schedule.


Name  Location
Abler, Susan Brookfield Central
Anderson, Karen Brookfield Central
Anderson, Tom Elm Grove
Bagnall, Dick Brookfield East
Becker, Bonnie Brookfield East
Benz, Eric Brookfield Central
Bogust, Wayne Brookfield Central
Borchardt, Sally Brookfield East
Burkhardt, Nancy Brookfield Central
Cantrall, Dennis Brookfield Central
Dabbert, Milt Brookfield East
D'Amour, Jan Brookfield East
Dawson, Jim Brookfield East
DeVera, Manny Brookfield East
Dobson, Sherry Brookfield Central
Dueling, Jean Elm Grove
Ellingson, Patricia Elm Grove
Fairfax, Clara Elm Grove
Figi, Barbara Brookfield Central
Fortino, Kelly Brookfield East
Grass, Sharon Brookfield Central
Hartel, Gary Elm Grove
Hauerwas, Judith Brookfield Central
Heid, Bruce Brookfield Central
Heidemann, Dan Brookfield East
Hernandez, Gilberto Brookfield Central
Hummer, Pat Brookfield East
Jacobson, Lorena Brookfield Central
Jaeger, Cheryl Brookfield East
Jahn, Gary Brookfield East
Jankowski, Ann Brookfield Central
Keiffer, Karen Brookfield Central
Kobs, Donald Elm Grove
Kreimendahl,  Joann Elm Grove
Kuderer, Tom Brookfield East
Larson, Greg Elm Grove
Lewis, Harry Brookfield Central
Liljestrand, Bonnie Brookfield Central
Lofgren, Gail Elm Grove
Mackintosh, Rebecca Elm Grove
Maertz, Sylvia Brookfield Central
Marsells, Bobbi Elm Grove
Mastaglio, Judy Brookfield East
Matchan, Jim Brookfield East
Misra, Premlata Brookfield East
O'Brien, Maureen Brookfield Central
Palmert, Carol Brookfield Central
Pizur, Dee Brookfield East
Pogorzelski, Phil Brookfield Central
Powers, David Brookfield Central
Pumilia, Nick Brookfield East
Radtke, Lester Elm Grove
Saulnier, Peter Brookfield East
Savage, Greg Elm Grove
Schneider, Diana Brookfield East
Smidt, Don Brookfield East
Sonntag, Ron Brookfield East
Stevens, Richard Elm Grove
Tafuri, Sandy Brookfield Central
Terek, Kathy Elm Grove
Vitale, Sandy Brookfield Central
Weiss, Gordy Elm Grove
Wiedner, Suzanne Brookfield East
Zurkowski, Dotty Brookfield East


Brookfield Central High School >>

Brookfield East High School >>

Elm Grove Park >>



Red text shows those who are playing in a different group or they are a sub.
Yellow box around name brings balls that night.


If you cannot participate, please use the list below to secure a substitute player:

Substitute List >>



1. The Honor Code of Tennis Ethics is prepared with the philosophy that today’s opponent is tomorrow’s tennis friend. To assure that end, this code should be used as a guideline during league play.

2. Courtesy: The game of tennis depends upon courtesy and fairness.

3. Conduct:

a. The highest type of sportsmanship is expected from each player.

b. You must call all balls as if you were a linesman, except that any doubt must be resolved in favor of your opponent.

c. It is your obligation to help your opponent make a call when your help is requested.

d. It is the server’s responsibility to call the score before each point

e. Call of “out” and “let” must be made instantly. A delay in making the call implies that the ball was not seen clearly and is therefore good.

f. In doubles, if one partner calls the ball “out” and the other partner calls it “good”, then it is the opponent’s point since doubt has been raised.

g. Never try to take advantage of an opponent by serving before they are ready. Your opponent may ask for a “let” if you quick-serve him. However, if she either hits the ball or tries to hit it, she cannot then claim she was not ready.

h. You must volunteer honestly against yourself violations such as double-bounce, ball touching your body or clothing, touching the net, and reaching over the net.

i. In doubles, there should be no conversation during the course of play other than brief instructions to your partner, such as “mine, out run, bounce it, cross-over, etc.”

j. Disagreement of Score: If no agreement can be reached then the question should be settled by the toss of a racquet.


This is a social league. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated!


Beginners Tennis Mondays, July 6 – Aug. 2, 6–7:30 pm
Burleigh Elementary on Burleigh Place, between Pilgrim and Calhoun roads
Vagabond instructors Dave Nicholson and Bill Gaertner will teach you the basics, such as strokes, serving, rules of the game and court etiquette. Fee: $25


Open Tennis, Saturdays, 9 am–noon
Elm Grove Village Park
Vagabonds meet and play tennis from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays. There is no fee; just show up and try to get on a court with players of similar ability Call Ron Sonntag at (414) 788-4907.


Thursdays, July 2 – Aug. 2, 6–7:30 pm
Banting Park, 2101 Butler Dr, Waukesha
There is still time to join our summer pickleball league.

Registration fee is $18 for regular players, $10 for substitutes. Event coordinator: Jae Hartnell,, (608) 712-7440.