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For our Vagabond Club, April is like our ‘hump’ month, anticipating spring and summer activities that are planned. Check out this Life edition for tennis, pickleball, golf, style show, hikes, walks, biking, dinners and live performances. This is your time to get involved in your club. Sign up this spring for many activities!


And another way to get involved is to be a leader helping the direction of the club. The month of May brings elections for positions on the board of directors.


We repeat parts of last month’s Message from the Board:


The Club has so many talented members with unique abilities and knowledge who could step into a position on the board. By being a board member, you could use your talents and knowledge to benefit all Vagabond members. If you are interested, please contact Vice President Linda Horn at or (262)707-1450.


Photos and resumes of board candidates must be submitted by April 12 to appear in the May issue of Life. Now is the time to find out more about board positions and to make your interest known. We work as a team; you will always have support.


April 9...
May everyone have a happy & blessed Easter!

We Couldn’t Do It Without You
Featured Volunteers
We thank all the members who have volunteered to help organize various activities, particularly these four, who have been especially active contributors.


Judy Williamson
Longtime bowling league secretary


Sherry Dobson
Frequent leader for our one-hour weekly walks


Clarine Furey
Frequent leader for our one-hour weekly walks


Dale Miracle
Frequent leader for our one-hour weekly walks

Board of Directors

  • Officers:
  • President Open
  • Vice President Linda Horn
  • Secretary Carol Gavigan
  • Treasurer Les Radtke


  • Board Members:
  • Finance& Bylaws Open
  • Membership Jan Breitbach
  • Meetings Tom Wendt
  • Public Relations Open
  • Social Activities Denise Kremel
  • Sporting Activities Mary Beth Braun
  • Racquet Sports Linda Horn (interim)
  • Ski Activities Open

Payment Options for all events (unless otherwise noted):
1. Online Registration with Credit Card payment
2. In person with completed Event Coupon and credit card or check
3. By mail, send completed Event Coupon with check to Event Leader

from membership
Jan Breitbach


WELCOME NEW OR RETURNING MEMBERS: (Up-to-date information is available in the online directory.)

The club is looking for friendly and smiling faces to assist at the Welcome Desk on meeting nights.

Call (414) 732-9749 or email

help wanted

As we have been talking and writing about for the last several months, we have a number of board positions that are currently open (or will be open soon). Each position requires different skills, but one thing is constant: Board members are eager to spend the time and energy to move the club forward.

From the vice president

Linda Horn

Tech Tip
Reference Guide Using the Vagabond Online Website
• Go to
• Click ‘Members Only Access’ on the right-hand side of the screen
• Click the Icon in the upper right middle – Looks like a silhouette
• Enter your email address and password

FIRST TIME LOGIN (computer only – not mobile app) – Click Forgot Password
• An email will be sent to you – be patient – sometimes there is a short delay
• Follow the instructions to establish your password
• Having trouble? Contact one of the Website Committee Members listed below.

Registering yourself for an event
• Click REGISTER below the event you want to attend
• Review the screens that appear, make any changes necessary and click NEXT.
• Click PAY ONLINE & complete the PayPal payment information using your credit/debit card.

* Note: There are two payment screens. On the first, enter your credit card number, name & address, etc. Click CONTINUE at the bottom. On the second screen, click PAY to complete the transaction.

Registering yourself and another person for an event with one payment (most frequently asked question)
• Logon to the Members Only website
• Click REGISTER below the event you want to attend
• Click NEXT. View your profile information and click NEXT again.
• When you get to the “Review & Confirm” screen, click INVOICE ME
• On the next screen, click NEW REGISTRATION
• Delete your email address and type in the email address of the person you are registering
• Continue clicking NEXT as you did for your registration until you reach “Review & Confirm.”
• Click PAY ONLINE. Continue with the payment screens.

• Click View Profile
• You control what’s there. If anything needs updating, click EDIT PROFILE
    • Type in your updates & click SAVE
    • If you prefer, contact Jan Breitbach at (414) 732-9749, and she will update it for you.

Contact one of the members of the Website Committee below:
Linda Horn, (262) 707-1450
Jan Breitbach, (414) 732-9749

Looking for archived Tech Tips?
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